It has been noted at recent exams that Candidates are presenting themselves for Module 1 at exams
who are not ready to do so. These reasons are numerous and include Candidates who have learning
difficulties/emotional challenges or who simply have not had enough experience around horses and
are not safe in the stable environment. It is most distressing for Candidates to present themselves
for assessment when they are insufficiently prepared and end up failing numerous subjects. In
addition it is concerning for the Examiners when faced with a Candidate who is unsafe around a
To try and prevent the above situation our Western Cape Director, Mrs Kate Hurst, will be rolling out
a foundation phase program which Candidates may do prior to presenting themselves for Module 1.
The idea is for Candidates to do an easier assessment in a relaxed environment to prepare
themselves for Module 1. This will also give Candidates a chance to see whether they are ready for
examination and to become familiar with the process of assessment. Candidates need to contact
Mrs Hurst for further information and dates. Should this option prove to be valuable there is a
possibility of it being offered in other provinces from 2025.