About Us

Since 1976, Equestrian Education in southern Africa has achieved substantial growth across many learning pathways through certification, formerly under the banner of the SANEF National Instructors’ Plan. Equine and equestrian industry needs and the changing educational environment of the world in general and South Africa in particular, determined that the scope and reach of our programmes required a transformation of the NIP into EQASA.
EQASA’s vision is: To address all equine and equestrian educational needs for the benefit of all and to grow pride in certified knowledge. 
In addition to a variety of stand alone subject skills competency certifications, 12 levels of certification are offered. EQASA issued certificates are ranked (stepwise) and progression to a next level is obtained on completion of sequential modules:
The SANIP Certificate of Stable Yard Skills – Stage 1  (Module 1)
The SANIP Certificate of Stable Yard Skills – Stage 2  (Module 2)
The SANIP Certificate of Horsemastership  (Module 3)
The SANIP Certificate – Assistant Instructor  (Module 4)
The SANIP Certificate – Instructor/Coach Level 1  (Module 5)    
The SANIP Certificate – Instructor/Coach Level 2  (Module 6)
The SANIP Certificate – Instructor/Coach Level 3  (Module 7)


  • The SANIP Certificate – Stud Groom (Module1)
  • The SANIP Certificate – Stud Head Groom (Module 2)
  • The SANIP Certificate – Apprentice Stud Yard Manager (Module 3)
  • The SANIP Certificate – Assistant Stud Yard Manager (4)
  • The SANIP Certificate – Stud Yard Manager (5)

Through our membership of the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications, holders of the EQASA issued Instructors/Coaching Certificates’ (Levels 1, 2 or 3) are entitled to apply for International Equestrian Passports. These passports are recognised by the FEI.
Candidates from countries beyond South Africa’s borders are welcomed. 
A recognized Level One Certificate in First Aid is compulsory at Modules 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Candidates may take the examinations prior to obtaining a First Aid Certificate, but EQASA certification is only awarded once candidates are in possession of a current First Aid Certificate.
Practical experience is a prerequisite. Candidates are responsible for self-study and are reminded that EQASA does not offer any preparedness training for an exam. EQASA welcomes structured training initiatives but, does not endorse, accredit or recommend any one establishment. It is suggested that candidates looking to further their education with private initiative establishments ensure that the training body is a member of the Council of Equine & Equestrian Professionals of South Africa (CEEPSA).  

Western Riding; Equestrian Tourism; Vaulting; Driving; Endurance; Saddle Seat; Polocrosse; Mounted Games; Tentpegging; Polo; Mounted Policing and Therapeutic (in association with SARDA) Instructor/Coach certifications are also offered by EQASA.
Candidates of these codes are required to complete the Module one, two and three components.  The requirements from module four for the above specialisations are provided on request from di@sanip.org.za.
All candidates are required to register on the website (www.sanip.org.za) for a fee of R385. Due to numbers of applicants, the published date of an exam in the Western Cape or Gauteng is the start date of an exam week.