Module 6 – International Level 2 Coach


SANIP Certificate – International Level Two Coach

Entrance Requirements:

• Discipline specialisation is permitted at Level Two
• Successful completion of Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. The minimum age that this assessment may be taken is 20 years.
• Evidence of having logged at least 75 hours of lessons taught of the nominated competition discipline/s, to the date of the assessment. These logs must be downloaded at the time of your application and at least one month prior to the date of assessment.
• Evidence of having logged at least 75 hours of your own personal competitive riding of the nominated discipline/s, to the date of
the assessment. This log must be forwarded to the relevant regional representative at the time of your application and at least one month prior to the date of assessment.
• In addition to the teaching log, candidates must provide a log of hours worked at a recognised show, to total a minimum of
fifteen hours per nominated competition discipline. (Provincial / National judges of the relevant discipline/s are exempt from this requirement).
• Evidence from your discipline/s and your pupils’ competition achievements.

The minimum pass rate for all subjects in this module is 70%
For certification of this qualification candidates must be in possession of a recognised Level One First Aid Certificate.

RIDING LEVEL TWO (Ridden Assessment)

a) Candidates will be expected to ride a known, trained horse in their nominated discipline for example:
1. Dressage at elementary level and will be required to school the horse in a correct frame and should include some basic lateral work, such as, shoulder-in, counter-canter, simple changes of leg and improving collection.
2. Show-jumping – Candidates will be required to jump a flagged and numbered course of at least eight fences (at a height of 1,1m), including a combination fence, demonstrating good rhythm and style and awareness of stride control.
b) Candidates will ride an unknown horse on the flat and assess that horse’s way of going to maintain its level of schooling and potential for competing in the nominated discipline.


Candidates will be examined on their knowledge of and ability to apply good communication and the theory of teaching skills.

PRACTICAL COACHING (Practical Assessment)

Candidates will be required to watch and discuss with the assessors, a demonstration of a rider in the nominated discipline. Thereafter, candidates will be expected to teach an individual lesson based on their assessment of the horse/rider combination to show an improvement in performance.


Are written on completion of all of the practical assessments.