Module 5.1 – International Level 1 Western Riding Coach


MODULE 5: PROFESSIONAL EQUESTRIAN COACH (L1) SANIP Certificate – International Level One Coach (Western Riding)
Entrance Requirements:
A grade 12 school leavers certificate
• Successful completion of Modules 1,2, 3 & 4 (no jumping)
• The minimum age that this assessment may be taken is 18 years.

The minimum pass rate for all subjects in this module is 70%
For certification of this qualification, candidates must be in possession of a recognized Level One First Aid Certificate and a school leavers’ certificate (grade12); or equivalent.

Subject knowledge and skills required for this module are:  Personal Riding:
– a known horse
– an unknown horse   Individual Western Riding Lesson   Group Western Riding Lesson   Theory of Teaching 2   Portfolios of Evidence: – 50 logged hours of Personal riding – 70 logged hours of teaching

RIDING LEVEL ONE (Ridden Assessment)
Candidates will ride two horses. Their own or a leased horse for reining and an unknown horse will be provided for the second ride. They should be capable of maintaining the level of the horse’s work which should be of a good basic standard of training. They must be able to show:
 An established basic riding position in all three gaits according to internationally accepted procedures.
 An ability to ride the horses into a submissive connection between leg and hand (according to the ability
of the horse)
 An ability to maintain basic balance and co-ordination in all three gaits with and without stirrups and through a range of basic school figures and exercises to include transitions (from gait to gait and within the gait) turns on or about the forehand and hind leg; leg yielding, simple change.
 The ability to regulate speed and gait according to the horse’s level. The ability to talk clearly about the way of the horse’s going and to show understanding of the basic principles of training in their discussion.

TEACHING LEVEL ONE (Practical Assessments)
The candidate must be able to demonstrate their ability to teach an individual rider and a group of riders the basic principles of correct riding. They must be able to show in their teaching a clear understanding of the basic principles of correct rider position and way of going of the horse, and an ability to convey this knowledge to their pupil’s). They must be able to teach to Rookie level and non pro level. They must be able to discuss various principles of basic good teaching practice.

Candidates will be expected to give answers to teaching western riding related questions including knowledge of the scales of training.