4. WHAT TO EXPECT ON EXAMINATION DAY 4.1 Dress in practical (and comfortable) everyday riding wear. Show dress is not required. We recommend a plain unbranded “polo” shirt; jodhpurs and short boots. Don’t forget your gloves for lungeing; a hard hat to wear when working with the horses (and for riding) and a crop. Do not wear spurs for teaching or riding the unknown horses. 4.2 Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time – you will be briefed and given instructions of the yard layout and assessment procedure. You will also be given your examination number and the timetable for the sessions. Your regional director is the person who will brief you. We regret that we cannot be held responsible should you miss the briefing on examination day. 4.3 Please save us the embarrassment of having to ask spectators to leave the assessment venue. This is an examination situation and we cannot permit persons not directly engaged in assessments, to observe; record or photograph assessments. 4.4 Please regard the assessment hosts and their venue with respect. No loitering or littering. 4.5 Remember to bring your own lunch and/or refreshments. We will provide pens and paper for the written components. 4.6 Should you encounter any difficulties on the day, please see the assessment secretary, who will be introduced to you, or the regional director. 4.7 Assessors are not in a position either during or after an examination, to either confirm or deny your success with a particular subject. Please do not expect them to give you comment. The National Moderator collates and processes the final results and your results and comments where relevant, will be posted on the website. 4.8 Lastly, we are here to find you competent and to give you a happy experience. We understand exam situations are stressful and all of the assessors are familiar with what is expected of you. 4.9 Well done for choosing to formalize your knowledge and to present yourself to have that knowledge certified. You are joining the ranks of many people across the world, that have chosen to work with horses as a career and to be recognized as a professional in your own right. 4.10 As such, you are entitled to join the Council of Equine & Equestrian Professionals of SA (www.ceepsa.org) and be granted a professional designation. Congratulations on taking the steps towards fulfilling your destiny as professional equine or equestrian practitioner!