• The BHS Complete Manual of Stable Management
  • The Threshold Guide to Lungeing – Book # 36
  • EQASA Yard Management & Finance (Viv Woollon) (Find this in our downloads)
  • Horse Conformation, Structure, Soundness & Performance (Equine Research Inc)
  • A guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa – Horses, donkeys and mules (Pamela Oberon)
  • Horseman’s Veterinary Encyclopedia – Equine Research Inc – 2005
  • The Principles of Riding (Official Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation)
  • The BHS Manual for Coaching &Teaching Riding (Islay Auty)
  • The Manual of Horsemanship (The Official Manual of the Pony Club)
  • BHS Stage One and Stage Two books are useful.
For information on the Animal Welfare Acts please research the following online: 

The care of animals in South Africa is regulated by two Acts – namely the Animals Protection Act, 1962 (Act 71 of 1962) and the Performing Animals Protection Act, 1935 (Act 24 of 1935). … The responsibility for the two Acts (Act 71 and 24) was transferred to the National Department of Agriculture (DoA) in 1997.

For movement of horses and the revelant travel documentation please research: