EQASA recognizes that candidates may have completed competence assessments with other organizations. Requests for credits or exemptions can be directed to the managing director.

3.1 Award of credits for formal learning

Applicants who have completed any of the following:

3.1.1 Pony Club tests:

Credits may be awarded to applicants who have done Pony Club tests as follows:

C+ test  may be granted exceptions for the Riding Proficiency tests required for Module 4, 

B test may be awarded credits for modules one and two; 

AH test may be awarded credits for modules one and two and parts of three and basic riding at module four. 

Applicants are required to obtain a letter of endorsement from the National Chairman of Pony Club confirming their Pony Club Award. Please note this concession applies to Pony Club applicants who obtained their test after 2005.

3.1.2 Equine Studies – Grade 12:

Credits may be awarded for Modules one and two; parts of three; riding at module four and the personal riding required at Level One. This is subject to the applicant taking the jumping option for the riding practical and provided a minimum of 60% is achieved overall for the subject.

3.1.3 Tshwane University of Technology – Equine Science

Credits may be awarded for module one; two and parts of three to applicants who have achieved the 3 year national diploma from the Tshwane University of Technology – Equine Science division since 2000 and have achieved a minimum of 60% for the course.

3.1.4 Holders of Foreign Qualifications

Through our membership of the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications, persons who have obtained a level one; two or three qualification from an IGEQ member country are recognized in South Africa. These persons are required to be in possession of an International Equestrian Passport which EQASA will issue if they are permanent residents of South Africa. Please see www.igeq.org.za to determine if the foreign qualification you hold will be recognized.


Persons aged 35 years and older who feel they have the requisite experience aligned to what is required at modules one; two; three; four and five and are able to submit portfolios of evidence attesting to at least fifteen years of practical and consecutive application of any of the EQASA subjects or composite modules. They are welcome to apply to be assessed against this collective knowledge. Please see the drop down on the website (RPL) for further information.

Should you have obtained a formal assessment from an institution not mentioned above, please contact the managing director.